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Preserving timeless memories of your farm and family legacy

Transferring management responsibility and farm assets to the next generation or a non-family member is an important, but sometimes confusing process.  In additon, existing farmers face a limited amount of choices for retirement and new farmers face a tremendous uphill battle in order to obtain the necessary knowledge, skill, and finances. NY FarmLink provides educational resources, consulting, and opportunities that enable more farms to be transferred and joint ventures to be developed for the economic enhancement of New York State agriculture.

Navigating the intricate journey of passing on management responsibility and farm assets can be both crucial and overwhelming for farm business owners. Furthermore, existing farmers encounter limited retirement options, while aspiring farmers face formidable obstacles in acquiring essential knowledge, skills, and financial resources. NY FarmLink recognizes these challenges and serves as a beacon of support. By offering comprehensive educational resources, personalised consulting, and transformative opportunities, we empower farm owners to seamlessly transfer their legacies, while fostering the development of joint ventures. Together, we enhance the economic landscape of New York State agriculture, ensuring a brighter future for all.